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"Ural Pelmeni"

Pelmeni is a popular and loved by many people dish, it has its own rich and very unusual history. Few people know, but at first pelmeni were eaten only in the Urals and Siberia, and only in the 19th century it reached central Russia. Therefore, we can confidently call pelmeni a native Ural dish!

At the master class, we will learn how to make a pelmeni dough - it's not difficult, you just need a knack and knowledge of the recipe.

Together we will prepare three kinds of pelmeni:
- Pelmeni with the pike;
- Meat pelmeni;
- Vareniki with cherries.

After the master class together with the cook we will arrange a feast, we will discuss which kind of pelmeni is your favourite, and we will learn how to eat them correctly!
"Modern Ural Cuisine"

Modern Russian cuisine is very diverse. This is a combination of rich traditions of a thousand-year history and modern trends of world culinary arts.

Master class menu:
- Caramelized cheek of a bull;
- Pike burgers in "Beshamel" sauce
- Spicy pear in sweet and sour sauce

It sounds nice! And how delicious! Together with the chef we will prepare these dishes, we will talk about the history of development and the richness of Russian cuisine.

"Pelmeni of different countries"
Pelmeni is a dish that has many variations.
Not everyone knows how many varieties of this dish exist all over the world. Sharp and sweet, large and small, pelmeni of different tastes and colors! And in different countries you will find many variations of this dish.

Master class menu:
- Chinese dimsams;
- Russian pelmeni;
- Italian ravioli.

These dishes are different not only in taste, but also in cooking technology. Individual methods of preparation of the dough, various fillings and forms of pelmeni, original feeding and a different culture of consumption.

At the end of the master class we will try the cooked dishes and compare the tastes of pelmeni from different countries.
"Russian Cuisine"
The most popular and famous Russian dishes!

Master class menu:
- Borsch
- Golubtsy
- Vareniki

"North Fish"
Siberian fish is unique, like Siberia itself. Huge expanses, the territory of permafrost and many other factors inherent in the extreme north preserve nature in a clean and free from industrialization world. And fish is not an exception!


"Russian Bakery"
At the master class, the chef will show and tell how to knead the dough for Russian buns "Vatrushki" to make them ruddy and lush. Then, we will prepare a "Cowberry pie" - a shortbread delicacy, which is relevant all year round. And finally, the chef will share a proven recipe for Russian pancakes called "Bliny"!

group 2-6 persons - 4500 ₽ per person
group from 6 persons - 3500 ₽ per person

Аdditional Services
You can order services in addition to your event or separately by sending a request to e-mail
Guests Meeting with Russian traditions
Russia is rich in its traditions and customs. And that you will feel the atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness of the Russian people as much as possible, we will organize a meeting with true Russian traditions.
Black caviar Tasting
Throughout the world, caviar is a symbol of the Soviet Union. In the past, black caviar was available to everyone and was used as an inexpensive snack. Today everything has changed, and now caviar is considered a delicacy, a luxury item. And for black caviar there is a special style of presentation. Interesting? We will be happy to organize for you a tasting of this incredibly delicious delicacy.
Tea from the Samovar
One of the most bright features
of the traditional Russian way of life is a tea from the Samovar. Samovar was an unusual household item, but it was embodiment of prosperity and family comfort. And tea from the Samovar is much more aromatic and delicious.
Russian folk dance Master Class
Russian folk dance have a huge history. No dance no feast. This dance is different by dynamics and mobility, it charges so much that it is difficult to stop. Do you want to master the skills of Russian folk dance?
Game "Compose a chastushka"
A popular genre of Russian folklore are "chastushki". In ancient Russia, it were performed at folk festivals. To diversify your holiday, we suggest you to play the game "Compose a chastushka".
Event Catering
We suggest the event catering for the guests anywhere you need.
About us
Cooking is our passion! Our company is our clients who also sincerely want to know more about food, cooking, products and everything that is connected with this! Together we learn how to cook dishes from different countries at master classes, we go to gastronomic trips and to the restaurants, learn technologies and chefs' tips! We discover new horizons! Are you still with us? Join, and you will discover a new delicious world, which is incredibly fast developing every day, and people enjoy life here!

Besides we have our noble mission - to increase the culture of food consumption of the inhabitants of our country!
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